Backup & Restore Electrical Certificates With iCertifi

Backup & Restore Electrical Certificates With iCertifi

Backup & Restore  works by saving the last backup of any device on your account to the cloud. This allows electricians to quickly and efficiently backup & restore electrical certificates to a current device or other device(s) on their account.

Cloud Sync keeps the last known backup securely to the cloud allowing other devices to access a common backup ensuring the latest back up is always available. Syncing is fast and reliable with negligible storage space required and allows sync/restore even when WI-FI is not available.  Keep regular backups of your device to instantly restore certificates on deletion of certificate/s in error, changing devices or starting a certificate on one device and finishing it on another. iCertifi uses a double layer of cloud sync technology to keep certificates kept safe and secure. 


How to backup & restore electrical certificates

Select Cloud Backup/Sync in Settings. Once purchased the Upload and Restore buttons will become active.  Make sure you are signed in to your Dropbox account on ALL your devices that you to sync with, if you dont have one create a free account  here  Never share your Dropbox account password with a device that is not on your iTunes account or you will lose your certificates. 


1.  On the device you wish to save certificates to cloud press Back up Certificates.  This will overwrite any previous backup 


backup & restore electrical certificates button on iPhone









2.  On the device you want to copy the electrical certificates to,  press Sync Device from latest backup


restore electrical certificates button iPhone








Certificates are also separately backed up to iCloud (if signed in and storage is not exceeded) allowing users to retrieve certificates as a safety net more info

Typical scenarios where an electrical contractor may need to backup & restore electrical certificates


1. iPhone iPad sync

Start an electrical certificate on your iPhone,  upload to cloud, sync it to your iPad and carry on on that device.  Deleted a certificate in error? No problem, just tap Sync Device from Backup and your certificates will re appear

2. Allow QS receive sign off and alter electrical certificates remotely

1) Qualified supervisor asks Tom to upload his data to cloud.
2) QS then presses restore on his iPad, QS iPad now mirrors what was on Tom’s iPad.
3) QS then edits a result that was made in error on Toms cert. QS then uploads to cloud the adjusted cert.
4) Tom then presses restore in cloud settings and the adjusted cert would appear on his device

NOTE: Any other engineers who then press restore in cloud settings get Tom’s iPad data in place of their own. Last save always wins so whoever backs up their iPad to cloud is the common saved data that will be received when ANY user presses restore in cloud settings

3. Keep a copy of electrical certificates backed up to cloud

Keep regular backups of your saved certificates on your device that can be restored at anytime  

About cloud sync

Our cloud sync technology leverages both Dropbox technologies and iCloud providing a safety net of dual cloud sharing.  Users are in complete control of what and how many devices are synced utilising Dropbox and manual syncing, back and restore.  Data is saved in a raw data format allowing fast transfer times and security.  In addition iCloud keeps a separate backup of your certificates automatically in the background that can be available when the device is restored to an Cloud back up.  This cloud feature will require a free Dropbox account, iCertifi doesn’t actually store your certificates in your Dropbox folder so it wont take up a lot of space but uses Dropbox secure technology to co ordinate raw data sets.  What does this all mean? It means you can back up and restore your electrical certificates any time at the touch of a button, it means you can sync certificates between your iPhone & iPad or start a certificate on your iPhone, finish it on your iPad.  To access this new cloud sync feature there will be a one off in app purchase cost.

Users Must be subscribed and signed in to use this feature

NOTE:  EICR images are not backed up to cloud to allow backup and sync over 3G and GPRS, and to keep cloud storage low.  

Fast Backup and Sync Our cloud sync technology allows you to to backup and restore when you’re not connected to Wi FI, 3g and even GPRS data connections are possible.  Make sure company logos, and scheme logos are optimised files to keep the data sync fast (seconds in some circumstances)


  • Optimise business & scheme logos file size before importing into camera roll to make upload and restore times faster

Backup & restore electrical certificates demo video