Adding Company and Scheme Logos

 Company logo


Personlise your electrical certificates by adding your company logo in Contractor Details.  Logo will automatically appear on electrical certificates along with company name 






1. From home screen tap Contractor Details


2. In contractor details section tap Company Logo


3.  Choose an option.  Company logos can be selected from saved photos,  last photo taken or take a photo of your logo.


For best results save your logo in digital format to photos. Simply save image from web or add your logo to your favorite cloud storage and save to photos on your device

Add company logo to electrical certificate

Scheme/Trade Association Logo

If you are a member of a Part P Scheme or trade association, optionally add their logo to your electrical certificates


1. From home screen tap Settings


2. In Settings tap Scheme Logo


3. Follow steps for adding company logo.  If you have already added your scheme logo on another device on your iTunes account you can sync it to your current device by tapping the cloud logo


iCertifi is not tied to any scheme so you can change your scheme provider at any time and not be locked into any scheme

Add Electrical Scheme logo