Say Goodbye To The Technical Helpline

A Cutting-edge, AI Powered Electrical Engineers Assistant


Contextual Understanding – Learning Capabilities – Natural Language Processing

Trained In All Aspects Of The Electrical Regulations, Contracting, Certification, Inspection & Testing



SparkAI engages users through an intuitive conversational interface, enabling it to provide detailed responses to technical queries, follow-up questions. It offers expert advice on BS7671, EICR codes, electrical testing procedures and practices and more. Think of SparkAI as a comprehensive resource, combining all your manuals, textbooks, and technical helpline into one accessible platform.  Spark AI does NOT rely on predefined answers, it functions as a highly knowledgeable assistant. It provides instant, human-like interactions that deliver the information you need right when you need it.  SparkAi is bilingual and can answer your questions in any language

Use SparkAI On Any Device

Use SparkAI Within iCertifi

iCertifi Is Once Again Changing How Electrical Contractors Work


When we created iCertifi, Electrical Contractors were still using expensive handwritten paper certificates carbon pads. We created electronic certificates to move the industry into the digital age.  Now In another industry first We bring you Spark AI.  A complete assistant for the electrical contractor trained in  BS7671 electrical regulations, inspection & testing procedures certification and more.  An invaluable resource for all aspects of electrical contracting.  Powered by advanced machine learning models, this changes the old way of thumbing through text books, publications, indexes, and sticky notes! etc.  It’s time to bring the electrical industry another step into the digital age once again 


Advantages for the Electrical Contractor 


Learning and Adaptability:

SparkAI  Learns from interactions, adapting its responses based on new information or changes in context. This allows for continuous improvement in its answers and the ability to handle a wider range of queries over time.


Contextual Understanding:

SparkAi understands and process complex contexts and nuances in a conversation. This allows it to maintain coherence across a dialogue, remember past interactions, and integrate that knowledge into future responses.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

SparkAI employs sophisticated NLP capabilities, enabling it to interpret and generate human-like text. It can understand slang, idioms, and even detect the user’s mood or intentions, adjusting their responses accordingly.



Spark AI Can tailor interactions based on user preferences, history, and specific needs, Skill level and experience providing a more personalized experience.



Spark AI has vast knowledge of electrical contracting, inspection and testing, regulations and can scale its knowledge and capabilities as it encounters more data, making it suitable for the electrical industry where regulatory information and user demands evolve rapidly.

Talking To SparkAI Is Straightforward And Intuitive

Make the most of your interactions: Clearly articulate what you want to know or discuss. The more specific your questions, the more accurate and relevant the responses will be.

If your question is complex, providing some background information can help it understand & give more useful answers.

Use Natural Language. Talk to SparkAI as you would a person. It understands everyday language

If an answer isn’t exactly what you were looking for, you can ask follow-up questions to narrow down the information.If the responses isn’t quite right, you can guide SparkAI with feedback or by rephrasing your question.

Where Can You Access SparkAi?

iCertifi users will be able to access SparkAI seamlessly from within iCertifi app simply by tapping the cog icon and selecting SparkAI.  This allows Electrical Contractors  to directly and swiftly obtain answers, technical advice and streamline the electrical certification process, whilst also improving regulation compliance and also accuracy.


SparkAi web version, accessible across all devices and operating systems. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, as long as you have internet access, you can tap into the power of SparkAi effortlessly.