Fire Alarm certificates on iPhone and iPad

Fire Detection & Emergency Lighting Certificates

on iPhone & iPad

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BS 5839 Fire alarm &  BS 5266 Emergency Lighting Certificates


Certificates Included:


  • Fire Detection & Alarm Modification

  • Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate

  • Fire Detection & Alarm Installation

  • Emergency Lighting PIR report

  • Fire Alarm Inspection Report

  • Fire Alarm Accepatnce

  • Smoke Heat Alarm

  • Domestic Fire Detection & Fire Alarm System Inspection & Servicing Report

Decibel meter iPhone

Fire Alarm Sound Meter


Only with iCertifi Fire Edition.  Unique sound meter measures db(A) of sounder devices using the microphone built into your device


Why a decibel tester? The purpose of our decibel tester is a significant part of the fire alarm testing process. In the event of a fire emergency, you need to know that the volume of the alarm system will be enough to warn everyone who is in danger, alerting them that they need to start moving toward an exit as is part of the fire safety plan.  Electrical Engineers engineers can check fire installations for sounder compliance directly from iCertifi Fire Edition

Emergency lighting certificate on iPhone

Send Certificates Straight Away

No Need To Connect To A Computer Or Syncing Back At The Office






Because data is processed locally on your device and we don’t send your electrical certificates to a server all your data is secure and yours!.  This means your electrical certificates are safe and secure form third parties and wont suddenly vanish.  If you change or lose your device your data is automatically stored on iCloud and will be there on setting up a new device.

Smoke Heat Alarm

Design, Installation and Commissioning of a Smoke/Heat Alarm System to Grade D1/D2 or F1/F2 as defined in BS5839-6:2019 A1:2020


Quickly produce smoke and heat alarm certificates.  Ideal when completing rewires or new builds with iCertifi


Fire detection certificates

Set BS 5839 As amended


Keep up to date with regulation changes,updates and certificate types (Domestic or commercial) with user changeable BS dates


Offline Working

iCertifi Fire Edition works completely offline.  No data connection required

No Pay & Go

Send an unlimited amount of electrical certificates while subscribed.  Send 1 or 100000 a day!

No need to connect to a PC

View electrical certificates on your device and straight away.  No need to sync back at the office

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No need to mess around syncing data with computers or wireless devices, once finished send your certificate instantly Electrical certificates can be saved directly to device, emailed, printed (with a compatible AirPrint printer) or uploaded to Dropbox, google Drive, OneDrive, Eevrnote and lots more

Using iCertifi means you’re not tied to any part P/scheme provider.  They are accepted by all providers as they comply to the BS7671 IET model certificates.

Choose from 100s of certificate colours to customise your electrical certificates or create your own colour to match your business.  Add company and scheme logos in settings to your electrical certificates

iCertifi can find your current location form GPS and automatically fill in client address details on your electrical certificate instantly

 3D Touch compatible devices can launch BS7671 electrical certificates from the home screen without even opening iCertifi 

iCertifi allows you to create a real signature in Settings with real ink effect that can be saved and used throughout the app.  Or sign directly on the device for each certificate.  There is also an option to save a QS signature