BS7671 Electrical Inspection And Testing Certificates

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iCertifi PAT Edition 

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Certificates

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Test instrument logbook and accuracy record

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Fire Safe

Portable fire extinguisher reporting and certification

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iCertifi Fire Edition 

Fire detection and emergency lighting certificates

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iCertifi Gas Edition 

Gas Safe CP12 Certificates Records And More

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SparkAI (New)

Cutting edge AI powered Electrician’s assistant

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iCertifi Apps Work Totally Offline

So You Do Not Need An Internet Connection To Use Them

We do not store your data to “upload later”.  Far to risky, iCertifi works completely offline, no caveats, no “sort of needs the internet”. True offline working

(Even if aliens have kidnapped your internet!)

Secure Electrical Certificate Apps and Software

Used & trusted by electricians, electrical contractors, construction companies, housing associations, local authorities, & the UK’s rail infrastructure for BS 7671 Electrical Certificates.  iCertifi apps are the UK’s Leading and most advanced electrical inspection testing & certification software for Electrical Contractors and Gas Engineers.  Privacy is built in from the beginning, from the moment you open your device, to every time you use iCertifi.  Data is not sent to a remote server, all your data remains yours and secure.  iCertifi processes data securely on your device leveraging Apple’s security protocols.

Electrical certificate iPhone and iPad

Advanced Electrical Certificate Apps and Software For The Electrical Industry

Native apps like iCertifi apps are designed to fit with your devices operating system.  If you use Apple’s built-in apps, you immediately get a feel for how things should work with native apps.  One of the biggest benefits of native apps is the option to use your electrical apps anywhere — even when you don’t have an internet connection. You can jump onto a long-haul flight, hike up a mountain and iCertifi will work, & keep certifying electrical installations – long after the sun goes down

Trusted by electrical contractors throughout Great Britain and beyond, Local Authorities, Network Rail & more

Today’s Electricians are spending more and more time on their smartphones using native apps that are fast replacing bulky and cumbersome books, pen and paper.  iCertifi apps are enabling electrical contractors to work more efficiently, quicker and more accurately. Our apps are Intuitive &  easy to use with powerful features at your fingertips.  From intelligent testing that pre-fills data for you & learns what installations you test frequently, to thermal imaging. iCertifi puts all your electrical certificates inspection and testing requirements and calculations in your pocket. iCertifi apps dont need to sync or transfer data to a computer back at the office.  Everything can be done on site


Some Of The Brands That Use And Trust iCertifi Electrical Apps 

new-balance-logo o use iCertifi electrical apps and software
Kier-Group-Logo use iCertifi electrical apps and software
Network_Rail_logo o use iCertifi electrical apps and software
Environment Agency logo

Your Electrical Certificates Are Safe With Us

We do not store your data or electrical certificates in the cloud. They will still be there in the morning!

Security risks and data loss of cloud computing have become the top concerns of cloud-based programs.  There are always security problems when data has transmitted from a central storage server to the cloud, personal and private data commitment increase the risk of data confidentiality, integrity, availability, and authentication compliance. Holding all your customer’s data to a third party is also an issue for contractors.

iCertifi electrical apps and software hold no data on you, or your customers.  We are not reliant on “cloud’ infrastructure so all your data will always be secure, available, and won’t suddenly disappear into the ether, or not work if “the cloud” goes down.

iCertifi will always work offline no matter where you are as we are not reliant on a potentially insecure and vulnerable could based infrastructure.

With iCertifi apps and software there is:

  • No data loss or theft.

  • No data leakage.

  • No account or service hijacking.

  • No insecure interfaces and APIs.

  • No denial of service attacks.

  • No technology vulnerabilities

  • No downtime

  • No data loss

Need Assitance With Any Of Our Electrical Apps?


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From within iCertifi by tapping: Subscribe >Support


2 weeks ago

iCertifi PAT Test Edition: We are excited to announce that our Barcode Scanner has been completely rebuilt from the ground up! Here are some of the key improvements:Enhanced Scanning Accuracy: The scanner now utilizes the best camera on your device for up-close scanning, making the process instant and precise.Automatic Torch Activation: In low-light conditions, the torch is automatically activated to ensure optimal scanning performance.Lightning-Fast Retesting: The scanner instantly fills out appliance data on retesting devices, completing the task in fractions of a second and significantly speeding up the retesting process.Enjoy a smoother, faster, and more reliable scanning experience with this update coming soon! #portableappliancetesting#pattesting#electricalsafety#appliancetesting ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

iCertifi 12.11.58 out now- Fixes a possible issue where EICR observations could not be tapped in landscape mode- Fixes a possible issue where Completion certificate option woudl not be visible unless you added another observation - Improvements to EICR observation screen - Adds a scroll button that will scroll you to the first observation if you have many EICR observations- Other fixes and improvements ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

iCertifi 12.11.57 is out now - Adds a save reminder to save your work which can be customised to show every 30mins, 1hr or 2hrs. Can also be turned on and off in iCertifi settings- Make a backup from within a certificate or by tapping a reminder in addition to just the home screen previously - Users of SparkAiI will have a button to use it directly within an EICR observation - Fixes an issue where Enterprise users could not change EICR inspector - Fixes an issue for Mac users on Sonoma where checking References could lock the screen - Bug fixes and improvements ... See MoreSee Less
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iCertifi V12.11.57 Electrical App Update

iCertifi App Update 12.11.57: New Features and Improvements   We're excited to announce a new update for iCertifi, packed with features to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow. Here’s a rundown of what’s new [...]

Revolutionize Electrical Contracting with Spark AI: Your Ultimate Technical Support Companion

Discover how Spark AI by iCertifi is revolutionising the electrical contracting industry with its advanced natural language processing and machine learning capabilities. Say goodbye to technical helplines and hello to comprehensive support on electrical regulations, inspection, testing, and certification.

Pin Favourited Electrical Certificates At The Top

Streamline your certificate management with the Favourite feature in iCertifi V, keeping your most important certificates at your fingertips for easy access during annual inspections. Simply add ‘favourite’ to the file name of your saved certificates and templates to ensure they stay pinned at the top of your list for efficient organisation.

iCertifi BS7671 Amendment 2 Update

Discover the latest changes and updates to electrical certification standards in the 18th edition BS 7671, including new requirements for Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) in higher-risk residential buildings. Ensure your certificates are up to date before updating to version V2 to ensure compliance with the new regulations and avoid any potential issues with certificate compilation.

BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 Amendment 2 Update

Discover the latest changes in BS 7671:2018 Amendment A with a comprehensive review of revisions to model forms and updated inspection procedures. Stay informed and download the updated iCertifi app for easy access to the latest regulations.

Solar PV Test Report | Electrical software

Discover the new Solar PV Test Report feature in iCertifi, making it easy to verify the performance of your solar PV system. Join the growing solar industry in the UK and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels while saving money on energy bills.

“Time” for an update

Discover how iCertif’s latest update boosts productivity with intelligent suggestions for faster and more accurate documentation. Update your app now to streamline your electrical certification process and enhance efficiency.

iCertifi 12.11.48

Experience enhanced user satisfaction with the latest update to iCertifi V12.11.48 , featuring improved quick fill features and streamlined workflows. Join the iCertifi community in making electrical certification and reporting easier and more efficient than ever before.

iCertifi True Offline working

Discover the benefits of offline working with iCertifi for your electrical contracting business, ensuring the security and privacy of your sensitive information. Safeguard your data from cyberattacks and data breaches by utilising iCertifi’s offline capabilities, providing peace of mind for your business operations.

We Don’t Collect Store Or Share Yours or Your Users Data

Discover the benefits of using iCertifi, a business that prioritizes your privacy by not storing user data. Protect your personal and client information while reducing the risk of compliance violations and litigation.