iCertifi 12.11.48

iCertifi 12.11.48


New Update to iCertifi: V12.11.48 Enhancing Your User Experience

We’re thrilled to announce our latest update iCertifi app, designed to  improve your experience and streamline your workflows. Our latest update includes enhancements and new features that cater to the needs of our users, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. Here’s what’s new:



Enhanced Quick Fill Feature for Circuit Information

We’ve made an update to our quick fill feature for circuit information. Previously, when inputting data for overcurrent devices, the system would automatically populate the field with the value “6098”. We’ve updated this feature to now auto-fill with the value “61009”, ensuring greater accuracy in data entry and streamlining the process for our users. This update is a direct response to feedback from our community, aimed at reducing manual entry errors and saving time with 61009 Breakers being common.


New Functionality in the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) Section

In our ongoing effort to provide comprehensive solutions for electrical professionals, we’ve introduced a new functionality within the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) section. Users can now attach the Distribution Board (DB) name directly to an observation, making it easier to organise and reference EICR observations. This can be done by selecting from a list of all DBs included in the current certificate at the observation page, enhancing the clarity and efficiency of report generation.


Resolved: Information Button Issue on iPad

We’re pleased to announce that we have resolved an issue that was affecting iPad users. Some users reported that the information button was missing from the home screen, hindering access to support and important app information. With this update, the information button is now prominently displayed and functional on the iPad, ensuring that users can easily access immediate assistance and guidance whenever needed.


iCertifi AI Bot: Improved for a More Intuitive Experience

Our iCertifi AI bot has undergone significant improvements to provide a more intuitive and human-like interaction experience. We understand the importance of efficient and effective support, which is why we’ve enhanced our AI bot to understand and respond to inquiries in natural language. Users can now engage with the bot just like they would with a human support representative, receiving instant responses to any iCertifi-related inquiries directly within the app.


Your Workflow Matters

These updates are part to our commitment to listening to our users and evolving our app to meet your needs. We’re excited for you to experience these new features and enhancements as we continue to improve and expand iCertifi’s capabilities. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of the iCertifi community. Together, we’re making professional electrical certification and reporting easier and more efficient than ever before!


iCertifi Team