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18th May 2024

iCertifi V12.11.57 Electrical App Update

iCertifi App Update 12.11.57: New Features and Improvements   We're excited to announce a new update for iCertifi, packed with features to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow. Here’s a rundown of what’s new [...]
3rd May 2024

Revolutionize Electrical Contracting with Spark AI: Your Ultimate Technical Support Companion

Discover how Spark AI by iCertifi is revolutionising the electrical contracting industry with its advanced natural language processing and machine learning capabilities. Say goodbye to technical helplines and hello to comprehensive support on electrical regulations, inspection, testing, and certification.

28th March 2024

Pin Favourited Electrical Certificates At The Top

Streamline your certificate management with the Favourite feature in iCertifi V, keeping your most important certificates at your fingertips for easy access during annual inspections. Simply add ‘favourite’ to the file name of your saved certificates and templates to ensure they stay pinned at the top of your list for efficient organisation.

19th March 2024

iCertifi BS7671 Amendment 2 Update

Discover the latest changes and updates to electrical certification standards in the 18th edition BS 7671, including new requirements for Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) in higher-risk residential buildings. Ensure your certificates are up to date before updating to version V2 to ensure compliance with the new regulations and avoid any potential issues with certificate compilation.

19th March 2024

BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 Amendment 2 Update

Discover the latest changes in BS 7671:2018 Amendment A with a comprehensive review of revisions to model forms and updated inspection procedures. Stay informed and download the updated iCertifi app for easy access to the latest regulations.

19th March 2024

Solar PV Test Report | Electrical software

Discover the new Solar PV Test Report feature in iCertifi, making it easy to verify the performance of your solar PV system. Join the growing solar industry in the UK and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels while saving money on energy bills.

21st February 2024

“Time” for an update

Discover how iCertif’s latest update boosts productivity with intelligent suggestions for faster and more accurate documentation. Update your app now to streamline your electrical certification process and enhance efficiency.

12th February 2024

iCertifi 12.11.48

Experience enhanced user satisfaction with the latest update to iCertifi V12.11.48 , featuring improved quick fill features and streamlined workflows. Join the iCertifi community in making electrical certification and reporting easier and more efficient than ever before.

20th July 2023

iCertifi True Offline working

Discover the benefits of offline working with iCertifi for your electrical contracting business, ensuring the security and privacy of your sensitive information. Safeguard your data from cyberattacks and data breaches by utilising iCertifi’s offline capabilities, providing peace of mind for your business operations.

18th July 2023

We Don’t Collect Store Or Share Yours or Your Users Data

Discover the benefits of using iCertifi, a business that prioritizes your privacy by not storing user data. Protect your personal and client information while reducing the risk of compliance violations and litigation.

10th May 2023

State Of The Art Speech To Text | Only With iCertifi

Discover how speech-to-text technology is revolutionising the Electrical Contracting industry with iCertifi. Streamline and speed up your electrical certification process with this game-changing feature.

8th May 2023

iCloud, The Safety Net For Your Saved BS7671 Electrical Certificates

Discover the ease and convenience of automatic iCloud backup with iCertifi, ensuring that your electrical certificates are always up-to-date and accessible from any Apple device signed in to your Apple ID. Follow our tutorial on how to use the backup and restore facility to protect your data and settings, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless process.

2nd November 2022

The Vault | EICR Assistant

Enhance your Electrical Installation Condition Reports with iCertifi’s EICR Assistant, THE VAULT. Access nearly a hundred pre-defined observations and codes to ensure the safety of electrical installations.

7th December 2021

Electric Vehicle Charging Risk Assessment

Electric Vehicle Charging Risk Assessment   With the rapid pace of development in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, and New homes and buildings in England will be required by law to install electric vehicle charging [...]
4th November 2020

The Advantage Of iCertifi being A True Native Apple App

From personalization to performance, familiarity and flexibility   There are plenty of reasons to love iCertifi being a native electrical app Native apps bring so many benefits   We believe the Apple ecosystem is the [...]
25th October 2019

iCertifi & iOS 13 – Electrical Certificates In Dark Mode

Apple has released iOS 13 and we have updated iCertifi iCertifi now natively supports new Dark Mode.  A great new viewing experience especially in low-light environments or at night.   We have also added the option [...]
11th June 2019

EICR Presentation Certificate | iCertifi 10.9.7

  EICR reports can be long and complex for anyone other than Electrical Engineers to interpret. With iCertifi 10.9.7 Electrical Contractors can give customers an easy to understand certificate with a new EICR presentation certificate [...]
20th May 2019

EICR | Automatic capture of Inspection schedule observations

iCertifi 10.9.4 brings a new improved EICR electrical reporting Now when marking an Inspection Schedule observations in Part N as C1, C2, C3, FI, iCertifi will note this and offer it to paste directly into [...]
25th April 2019

Electrical Isolation Certificate | Send Unlimited Certificates

Electrical Isolation Certificate Included with iCertifi Often Electrical Contractors need to issue isolation certificates when isolating electrical equipment that others have to work on or to prove safe isolation. An isolation certificate provides the details [...]
20th February 2019

Pre Filled Distribution Board Template: Productive BS 7671 Electrical Certification

Distribution Board Template In iCertifi 10.4   Electricians can create a pre-filled db board that can be reused in iCertifi 10.4 or above. Speed up workflow and save hours of BS 7671 electrical form filling by [...]
10th January 2019

Earthing and bonding Electrical Certificate From iCertifi

iCertifi V10 and Above Earthing and Bonding Electrical Certificate Often electrical installations require earthing upgrades, to allow them to comply with BS 7671 (as amended).  With so much importance placed on suitable earthing for electrical installations, we [...]
9th November 2018

Get Ready for iCertifi 18th Edition

iCertifi 18th Edition Coming Friday, November 30th       Get Ready    iCertifi V9 Updated for 18th Edition, will be released Friday 30 November   After you update, all saved certs will be 18th [...]
14th June 2018

Team Collaboration

Organisation wide collaboration. If you have electrical engineers frequently sending electrical certificates to the office or your Qualified Supervisor is getting inundated with emailed BS 7671 electrical certs, you might want to upload all certificates to a common shared folder to [...]
24th May 2018

3 Circuit Minor Works Electrical Certificate

3 Circuit Minor Works Electrical Certificate Minor Works Certificate For Up To 3 Circuits     The Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate (commonly called the Minor Works Certificate or  MWC) was first introduced in 1993.  [...]
1st May 2018

iCertifi Version 8.3

iCertifi V8.3 Is Out Now bringing a new dual RCD saving facility and a new EICR traffic light system Electrical certification gets even more productive with iCertifi Split Load RCD Testing  With 27 million homes in [...]
24th April 2018

BS 7671:2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations 18th Edition|Learn about the new changes

The 18th Edition Of The Wiring Regulations will be issued July 2018 & Is Intended To Come Into Effect 1st January 2019.    [flipclock countdown="true" date="1st July 2018" face="days" name="countdown"]   Installations designed after 31st [...]
18th April 2018

Apps For Electricians & Gas Engineers|iCertifi Electrical Apps

Today’s Electricians are spending more time on their smartphones using native apps. These are fast replacing bulky and cumbersome books.  iCertifi apps for electricians & gas engineers are enabling contracts and electrical work to progress more smoothly, quickly and [...]
17th April 2018

Part P Third Party Certification Schemes – Certify Others Electrical Work

On 6th April 2014 that an official Government approved register was finalised finally ending the confusion about insurance and work guarantees that surrounded third party electrical work sign offs.  The bodies that have been authorised to [...]
11th April 2018

Verifi – Electrical Test Instrument Log Book and Accuracy Record

Our New iPhone & iPad App Verifi, The Electrical Test Instrument Log Book and Accuracy Record Is Out Now   To maintain confidence in the accuracy of all test instruments used for electrical installation testing, those [...]
21st November 2017

Managing Saved Electrical Certificates

Your iCertifi  Filing Cabinet  It is useful to think of your iCertifi Filing Cabinet as "certificates in progress" rather than a permanent storage solution.  Certificates are kept in raw data form and generate dynamically each time you view your electrical certificate.  This [...]
1st November 2017

iCertifi 7.2 Update and iPhone X

iCertifi V7.2 iCertifi is ready for the new iPhone X and more    The iPhone X release date is Friday, November 3 and iCertifi will be ready and optimised on launch.     The highly [...]
31st August 2017

Lighting Calculator now built into iCertifi

        Lighting Calculator   The new Thorn Eco Lighting Calculator Integrated directly within iCertifi calculates the amount of light fittings required to light a room to a required lux level and total lumens per room to [...]
19th July 2017

Comment on new BS 7671 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations

BSI is inviting comments on the new 18 Edition Wiring Regulations   To be able to review and comment on BS 7671:2018 18th Edition of The IET Wiring Regulations, you need register on the BSI website [...]
14th July 2017

iCertifi 6.0 Out Now With New Electrical Danger Notice

iCertifi Now Contains An Electrical Danger Notice iCertifi 6.0 brings an advanced new electrical certificate         Unique to iCertifi in version 6.0, our new Electrical Danger Notice allows electrical contractors to add images [...]
10th May 2017

Smart Fill – Prefill Electrical Certificates

Smart Fill Save Time With Prefilled Electrical Certificates          Prefilled Electrical Certificates     Smart fill is an intelligent pre fill engine that dynamically fills out common values based on the electrical certificate you [...]
26th April 2017

iCertifi electrical stickers for iMessage

  iCertifi Sticker Pack for Electrical Contractors Hand Crafted Unique Stickers To Use In iMessage        In iOS 10, you can use apps with iMessage to decorate messages with stickers, share electricians items without leaving [...]
10th April 2017

iCertifi V9 Advanced Electrical Certification

iCertifi V9 is a huge update for Electrical Contractors Advanced new features for electrical certification        Meet C.H.I.P  Certificate High Intelligence Protocol     C.H.I.P Is Our New Intelligent Assistance Engine & Your Electrical Testing [...]
23rd March 2017

iCertifi PAT Test Edition Update V 4.7 – Advanced PAT Testing App

iCertifi's advanced PAT testing app has been updated on the iTunes Appstore.   We have made a couple of useful changes to our PAT testing app based on feedback from our users.   Pat test engineers [...]
16th March 2017

Electrical Certification for the UK’s Railway Infrastructure

Recently we were approached by Network Rail to streamline and standardise their BS7671 electrical certification throughout the UK's railway infrastructure. Network Rail is the owner and manager of most of the rail network in England, Scotland [...]
7th March 2017

Electrical Calculator on iPhone, Mac & Apple Watch

  Fast Calc the electrical calculator by iCertifi provides instant electricians calculations on your iPhone,  Mac and Apple Watch. No data connection is required to use Fast Calc so it can be used anywhere.     […]

24th February 2017

Electricians & Gas Engineers let customers know when your going to arrive with iCertifi’s On My Way feature

Customers like to know when their tradesman are going to arrive without waiting in all day. It’s easy to let customers know when your going to arrive and it’s as simple a sending a text. […]

22nd February 2017

Access Over 170 Boiler Manuals on Your IPhone or iPad With iCertifi Gas Edition

iCertifi Gas Edition boiler manufacturer manuals can be easily accessed while carrying out gas inspections and certification directly from the app. Manuals can be browsed at time while certifying gas installations without interrupting your workflow.  Boiler […]

19th February 2017

Symphony The Gimbal Friendly App

We recently had a side project to address the micro jitter when using hand held a gimbal with the iPhone. We created Symphony.  Symphony allows the gimbal to do the stabilising without the iPhone’s own […]

11th February 2017

Record iCertifi, make demo videos for your employees colleagues or students

iCertifi now allows you to create high quality demo videos as you work in real time Every tap swipe and  is captured and saved to your saved to your iPhone or IPad. Ideal for Electrical Trainers, […]

22nd December 2016

iCertifi Version 5.8.5 Update

We have made a few improvements to iCertifi with version 5.8.5   iCertifi no longer deletes the circuit number when editing (useful for 3 phase circuits) If user has elected to set all boxes to […]

17th October 2016

BS7671 Electrical Apple Watch App

BS7671 Electrical Watch App   iCertifi's Apple Watch app features useful items for electrical contractors including instant calculations and reference tools     pfc Calculator   Enter Ze value, press firmly on the Watch screen.  pfc is [...]
12th October 2016

Thermal Imaging – Add thermal images to electrical certificate reports

In another first, iCertifi offers thermal imaging by attaching a FLIRONE to the lightning port of your iPhone or IPad.    Thermal Images are saved directly to your iOS device and can be added to […]

10th October 2016 0 COMMENTS

Web Update BETA

We have been busy improving your  web experience for iCertifi.  We are currently in BETA