iCertifi Version 8.3

iCertifi Version 8.3

iCertifi V8.3 Is Out Now bringing a new dual RCD saving facility and a new EICR traffic light system

Electrical certification gets even more productive with iCertifi

Split Load RCD Testing 

With 27 million homes in the UK, It adds up to a whole “load” of split load distribution boards installed in homes to be tested and certified.  We had received a lot of requests to improve on our RCD save procedure that only allowed the copying over of a single RCD value to other circuits.  We listened and began to think of ways we could offer a way of saving dual RCD values in an easy to use and intuitive way.  We used a segmented controller that would save both values and dynamically change the text depending on what state the controller was at.  ie ready to save RCD times, or fill saved RCD times data.  The 2 sides also needed to toggle between these states independently of each other.  The result is a powerful tool that is simple to use without needing to navigate away from the screen.

How to use it

It’s very simple.  When testing circuits the toggle is ready to save both RCD times (1x and 5x), to either A or B side.  When the electrical contractor has entered RCD times,  tapping the segment will save BOTH times to your chosen side. Repeat for the other RCD.  The saved times are displayed within the segment.  Once saved, these values can be added to circuits by simply tapping the required times. RCD Times can be deleted allowing new values to be saved by tapping Clear A or B under the consumer unit graphic.

EICR Traffic Light System

Version 8.3 also brings a new traffic light system for EICR coding.  C1 C2 C3 and FI and Pass results are now colour coded on EICRs to give a familiar and instant indication of potential electrical dangers, and also items that do not pose a safety risk in an electrical installation.  This we think assists in demystifying EICRs for customers ordering electrical installation condition reports and something not possible for electrical contractors still handwriting electrical certificates