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iPhone, iPad & *iMac 

*Requires Apple Silicone M1Chip Macs

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iCertifi PAT Test Edition

Intuitive and easy to use portable appliance testing (PAT) and certification on the go. Send unlimited certificates, works offline, no need to sync with a computer, dynamic barcode scanner with autocomplete.Test and dynamically add portable unlimited appliances. iCertifi will handle page additions automatically

Portable Appliance Testing Simplified

Intuitive easy to use, enter results directly on a digital portable appliance label on your device, it doesn’t get much simple than that. 

Works with any PAT tester

Dynamic Barcode Scanner

With a built in barcode reader, PAT Testers can scan and store appliance barcodes.  If the appliance is not already in the database iCertifi will automatically upload it to the cloud.  On retest, scanning the barcode will fill in the appliance data.  No need to plug in an external barcode scanner.  Simply point your iPhone or iPad camera at the barcode!

Built In Database Of Common Appliances 

Save time on typing appliance descriptions. The searchable database of appliances is always instantly available as does not need a data connection.  In addition to this, we realise there are millions of unique appliances that require portable appliance testing.  iCertifi PAT Test Edition is intelligent and will remember previous appliances  and automatically present recent appliances that can be selected as you start typing  

Copy & Paste Appliances

Saves time and money on testing portable appliances with an intuitive copy and paste feature.  Copy all appliances from last years PAT testing to the new certificate quickly and easily.  iCertifi will not copy the portable appliance result to prevent errors and ensure quality testing  

Digital Portable Appliance Sticker

iCertifi PAT Test Edition can produce a digital sticker (graphic) and create a scannable QR code for each appliance that can be saved to your images on your device

Retest Calendar Reminders

Add a calendar reminder with the date pre-filled for 12 months ahead so you never miss retesting portable appliances at tap of your screen!

On My Way

Let your customer know where you are and when you’re going to arrive at their premises for Portable Appliance Testing with our unique On My Way Feature.  Yoru name and business details are automatically filled out for you and you can email, text WhatsApp, Facebook messenger your customer at the tap of a screen

Portable Appliance Testing Certificate

iCertfi PAT Test Edition produces a high quality modern portable appliance testing certificates that look professional, and also easy to read and interpret for your customers.  With a clear design and large Pass and Fail test on the test schedule, it’s easy to instantly understand the results of the testing

Portable Appliance Testing Certificate

Securely Storage of PAT Testing Certificates

Backup & restore feature. Simply tap ‘Backup’ and ‘Restore’ to effortlessly transfer data across your devices. Seamlessly compatible with iPhone, iPad, and now Mac.  Learn more

Backup PAT testing certificates. iPhone, iPad , Mac

Works on iPhone & iPad

Works on Apple Mac’s with Apple Silicone

 Add Images of Dangerous Appliances

Your iPhone or iPad has a camera why not make use of it.  Easily add images to PAT test reports

Images To Pat Test Report

Portable Appliance Risk Assessment 


A useful quick reference tool for assessing risk of portable appliances


PAT Test Risk Asses

Cable Calculator


Calculate nominal resistance of supply cable conductors of portable appliances

Appliance Cable Calculator

Smart Covers

Printable Completion PAT Certificates



A unique feature only available with iCertifi PAT Test Edition.  A high quality printable custom completion PAT test certificate your customers can display at their premises to demonstrate compliance with Electricity at Work Regulations. Completion certificates are smart and automatically add your business, and your customer’s details to the certificate. Premium completion certificates embed in a QR code that users can scan containing information on the Portable Appliance Testing such as who tested the appliances, when, and the certificate reference.

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Portable appliance testing  (PAT) is an effective way to ensure that HSE regulations requirements are met.   Its also a standardised way to ensure obligations under Health & Saftey At Work Act 1974The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, & The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 are met.   

Record, store, report print, email, and send PAT Test records.  Add images to evidence dangerous appliances, schedule retest dates and produce professional reports with traceability.  

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