iCertifi BS7671 Amendment 2 Update

iCertifi BS7671 Amendment 2 Update

Amendment 2 of the 18th edition (BS 7671:2018+A2:2022) brings in quite a few changes for electrical certification. 


Some of the changes include:


  • A new requirement for Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) in some AC final circuits for installations in some types of higher-risk residential buildings;

  • the requirement for the fire safety design of buildings to be documented where specific conditions of external influence exist, such as protected escape routes and locations with risk of fire;

  • method for determining the requirements to provide overvoltage protection;

  • changes to identification, labels and notices, such as for consumer units, affecting how safety information is provided to the user of the electrical installations;

  • A chapter on Prosumer ‘s Low Voltage Electrical Installations, in a new part, Part 8

iCertifi V12 Amendment 2 update will be released 10 July 2022



Please ensure all your current certificates are completed and sent before updating to V12.  Whilst all your certs will still be saved, the changes in the new certificates would mean when compiling and sending your certificate(s) they would reflect the new certificate types and additions.  If you have automatic updates turned on iCertifi will automatically update on 10 July 2022.  If you are not ready or want more time to continue certificates on the previous version find out  how to turn off automatic app updates here:

iCertifi V12 will also include other improvements including:  


  • User editable *checklist for prosumer installation

    *14.1  Where the installation includes additional requirements and recommendations relating to Chapter 82, additional inspection items should be added to the checklist

  • Added more search options in saved certificates

  • Option add an EV Charger datasheet to your electric vehicle risk assessment with automatic edge detection and cropping

  • Fixes an issue that stopped some text fields auto-scrolling up as they are tapped

As this is a significant change to iCertifi and with any app update with important data it is advised you take a full backup of your data and store it safely.  If you don’t already have backup and restore you can purchase it for a one-off cost.  This enables unlimited backups with no ongoing costs.  Learn more