Your Electrical Certificates Are Important and valuable To Your Business

Backup and restore them in just a few taps with iCertifi

Transfer certificates *between devices on your iTunes account 

*You can restore your backups to different devices on the same iTunes account.  NOTE:  Restoring overwrites and replaces all certificates with the backup version.  

How To Upload A Backup Of Your Electrical Certificates To The Cloud

Tap Backup from iCertifi’s homepage (1).  In the backup & restore Screen after purchasing, the backup and Restore buttons will become active.  Tap “Backup Certificates” (2).  Choose iCloud Drive (3).  This is where your electrical certificates will be optimised and stored. This is not a user accessible file and you wont be able to view your certificates with this file, it should not be altered in any way.  You may want to create a separate folder in iCloud Drive for easy reference.  Creating a folder in iCloud Drive is explained below.  Tap the folder you want to save you back up to (4) the row will turn grey. Finally, tap “add at the top right of the screen. You will see a message saying “Sucess  –  Uploaded backup file” when the file has uploaded successfully.

How To Restore Your Electrical Certificates From The Cloud

Tap Backup from iCertifi’s homepage (1).  In the backup & restore Screen tap Restore from Backup (2).  You will then be taken to the file manager iCloud Drive where you backup is saved.  If you’re not already in iCloud Drive just selected it from Locations.  Select the folder you created for your backups and tap iCertifi inside.  If you have not placed the backup in a special folder just select it from your iCloud Drive. If it’s not in the list us the search bar function and type in iCertifi to find the backup.  Once selected iCertifi will begin importing the data. You will see a message saying “import Complete”.  After restarting iCertifi your data will be restored

Choosing the correct file type to restore

When restoring your backup file it’s important to note the correct file type to restore that you have saved.  The file will be of file type .sqlite  not .pdf

Create a convenient folder for your iCertifi backups in iCloud Drive

You may find it convenient to create a folder in iCloudDrive for your iCertifi backups.  This will make it easier to locate backups.  You can even create different folders for year or month etc so you can create separate “save states”.


First, open the Files app on your device.  if you don’t have it already you can download free from the iTunes AppstoreAppstore


  1. Go to Locations.

  2. Tap iCloud Drive, On My [device], or the name of a third-party cloud service where you want to keep your new folder.

  3. If you choose On My [device], tap an existing Pages, Numbers, or Keynote folder.

  4. Swipe down on the screen.

  5. Tap .

  6. Enter the name of your new folder. Then tap Done.

More information on files can be found here

Moving Backups Between Devices

By having Backup and Restore purchased engineers can move backups between devices on there iTunes account.

Backup on iPhone

Restore on iPad


When restoring a backup this will overwright any certificate data already on that device certificates already on the device, it will NOT combine them.  Backups can only be transferred between devices on the same iTunes account.  Certificate data and subscription will be corrupted and lost on both devices if sending/restoring to different iTunes account.