Smart Fill – Prefill Electrical Certificates

Smart Fill

Save Time With Prefilled Electrical Certificates 





Prefilled Electrical Certificates



Smart fill is an intelligent pre fill engine that dynamically fills out common values based on the electrical certificate you are currently using. For example, in the case of a Domestic Installation Certificate Smart Fill will make certain assumptions i.e BS1361 main fuse, 25mm tails, 16 main earth, 10mm bond and pre fill these for you.  If you don’t want to accept the pre defined values they can be changed as you complete the certificate with your own values.

Turning on smart fill in settings to use this feature.  

Home> Settings> C.H.I.P

Number and type of conductors
Nature of supply paremters
Electrical Certificate Main Switch or circuit breaker

Smart Fill data prefilled based on a Domestic Electrical  Installation Certificate  

iCertifi electrical certificate template







Template Certificates

Prefilled Electrical Certificates



Smart Fill can also create pre filled certificates from saved electrical certificates. iCertifi will give you the option to copy previous data less DB boards from a previously saved electrical certificate.


TIP If you are testing similar installations ie new builds,  use a saved certificate and simply change the test results*.


*Make sure you have sent or saved outside of iCertifi before you do this as it will overwrite the existing certificate with the new results