Thermal Imaging – Add thermal images to electrical certificate reports

Thermal Imaging – Add thermal images to electrical certificate reports

In another first, iCertifi offers thermal imaging by attaching a FLIRONE to the lightning port of your iPhone or IPad. 


Thermal Images are saved directly to your iOS device and can be added to EICR reports instantly.  No need for SD cards or transferring data back at the office
Compatibility: iPhone5, iPhone5S 6/6s 6+, iPad running iOS 7 or above



Thermal Imaging with iCertifi and FLIR ONE

Once the preserve of the military and high end expensive equipment, electrical contractors can now offer thermal imaging at a fraction of the cost.  In fact its now affordable to offer customers thermal imaging as part of an EICR report.  Using infrared technology on an electrical installation is an effective method of predictive maintenance and fault finding prior to equipment failure.  Use on busbars, distribution/fuse boards, high voltage systems, transformers, control panels and more

 Benefits Of Thermal Imaging For Electrical Contractors

  • Fault Finding
  •  Check breaker or load performance issues
  • Wiring and connections
  • Find connections with higher temperatures than other similar connections under similar loads could indicate a loose, over-tightened or corroded connection with increased resistance
  • Fuses
  • Fuses show up hot on a thermal scan that may be at or near current capacity. A blown fuse produces a cooler than normal working temperature
  • EICR Reports
  • Add thermal images to Electrical Condition Safety Reports