Electrical Calculator on iPhone, Mac & Apple Watch

Electrical Calculator on iPhone, Mac & Apple Watch


Fast Calc the electrical calculator by iCertifi provides instant electricians calculations on your iPhone,  Mac and Apple Watch. No data connection is required to use Fast Calc so it can be used anywhere.



Electrical Calculator on Apple Watch

Fast Calc is also available on Apple Watch.  In another industry first Electrical Engineers can perform  instant electrical calculations on Apple Watch.  Useful for checking electrical calculations quickly and easily or when completing electrical certificates


Fast Calc is the first and only only electrical calculator for iMac

Convenient copy function copies results to your iMac’s clipboard to paste into emails, messages and more

Fast Calc can be set to always be on top of your other windows for quick access to electrical calculations

Electricians Calculators Included

  • PFC Calculator
  • kW to Amps
  • Solar Energy Output Calculator
  • Resistance Ω
  • Lux level Calculator
  • BTU to Watts
  • 3 Phase Volt Drop
  • Cable Selection Calculator
  • kW to kVA
  • Amps to VA

Fast Calc can be downloaded for iPhone and Apple Watch here or for Mac here