The Advantage Of iCertifi being A True Native Apple App

The Advantage Of iCertifi being A True Native Apple App

From personalization to performance, familiarity and flexibility


There are plenty of reasons to love iCertifi being a native electrical app

When you use a truly native app


You get all the benefits that come as standard with the platform — and for Apple, there are lots! When it comes to personalising your app to suit your workflow and preferences, native apps have all the fine controls you need. Best of all, native apps like ours are designed to fit with the operating system. It can’t be underestimated. If you use Apple’s built-in apps, you immediately get a ‘feel’ for how things should work with native apps. When an app ‘fits in’ with the rest of the OS, it doesn’t just look and feel more at home on your device — it lowers the learning curve when you first open it. That’s why we (and plenty of other great iOS developers) work extensively to follow the conventions set out in Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. The result, our apps has that same, familiar feel that you can start using it instantly, from the first tap. These behind-the-scenes benefits are one of the biggest benefits of a truly native app. Building our app with natively makes a big difference to things like rendering, performance and memory footprint, too.




Secure & Private


With iCertifi being truly a native electrical app, privacy is built in from the beginning, from the moment you open your device to every time you use iCertifi. iCertifi processes data securely on your device leveraging Apple’s security protocols.  We don’t send your electrical certificates to a server or anywhere that isn’t on your device.  This means your electrical certificates are safe and secure from third parties and won’t suddenly vanish.  If you change or lose your device your data is stored on iCloud and will automatically be there on setting up a new device



No Wi-Fi? No problem


You can use iCertifi apps anywhere. One of the biggest benefits of native apps is the option to use your native apps anywhere — even when you don’t have an internet connection. You can jump onto a long-haul flight, hike up a mountain and iCertifi will work and keep certifying electrical installations long after the sun goes down. The same goes for backups. Your files safe and secure locally on your device and also in iCloud so if you change your device, all your certificates magically appear on your new device automatically.