Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Organisation wide collaboration. If you have electrical engineers frequently sending electrical certificates to the office or your Qualified Supervisor is getting inundated with emailed BS 7671 electrical certs, you might want to upload all certificates to a common shared folder to keep everything organised in one place.   Create a central workspace so everyone can find what they need quickly in a single space for your team to collaborate. 


Read on and we will show you how…It’s really easy to!

sending electrical certificates form iPhone

The first thing you will need is a cloud storage account with the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive etc.


Use any provider, your not restricted to the ones mentioned. You may already have one of these accounts however we suggest you set up an account specifically for your business.  This will be the common folder electrical engineers will add their electrical certificates to.



With the relevant cloud drive downloaded any employee with the login details can upload, view and share saved electrical certs to the same destination.  A QS can check all certs before sending them, managers can keep a record of all electrical certificates in one place and more.

Organise electrical certificates in the cloud

Create separate files for each electrician, job, certificate type or customer.


Certificate to large to send email? Let your customers download their electrical certificates

Electrical certificates stored in your cloud container don’t have to send limits like emails.  If you have a very large installation or EICR and it’s too big to send via email, simply share the cert with your customer.  They do not need to have to have an account or even have Dropbox, Gooogle drive etc to download the cert.  The client can only download their own certs and won’t have access to your cloud container


Your Team Productive And Electrical Certificates Safe

File Backup

Keep secure backups of electrical certificates in the cloud

Team Management

Electrical certificate management from a central location


Protect electrical certificate data with high grade security.