Get Ready for iCertifi 18th Edition

Get Ready for iCertifi 18th Edition

iCertifi 18th Edition Coming

Friday, November 30th




Get Ready 


iCertifi V9 Updated for 18th Edition, will be released Friday 30 November


After you update, all saved certs will be 18th Edition versions. There is no way to have both versions on the app. Apple won’t allow rolling back iCertifi to previous 17th Edition version either so it’s important you are ready for the update


IMPORTANT:  If you have auto update turned on for app updates, please complete and send all 17th edition certificates by then. If you manually update your apps you can update when you’re ready




Frequently Asked Questions


Will my old certificates still be saved?

Yes but they will be 18th Edition versions and new data such as AFDD and IR test voltage will be blank



Can I revert back to the previous version of iCertifi?

No, Apple don’t allow this



Will my sent, emailed certificates be affected?

No, this only affects saved certificates in an editable state on your device.  Once sent eg. emailed or saved outside of iCertifi eg. GoogleDrive, Dropbox etc certificates cant be altered



Will my old email backups be compatible with 18th Edition?

No, we have a new improved backup and restore facility in iCertifi V9 and 17th edition is not compatible with 18th edition of iCertifi 



How do I know if I have set auto update for my apps?

For more info on auto updates:



Do I have to pay for this upgrade?

No, this is included in your subscription