Electrical Isolation Certificate | Send Unlimited Certificates

Electrical Isolation Certificate | Send Unlimited Certificates

Electrical Isolation Certificate

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Electrical isolation certificate example

Often Electrical Contractors need to issue isolation certificates when isolating electrical equipment that others have to work on or to prove safe isolation. An isolation certificate provides the details for the effective management of hazards in the workplace and as a method of communication between the personnel who are responsible for the operation of the plant and the personnel who plan and carry out the isolation activities.  Our Electrical Isolation Certificate should be issued by a qualified electrician or by an Electrically Authorised Person (EAP)  after all, or part of the electrical installation has been safely isolated to certify the applicable installation or part of it has been de-energised and is safe to work on


Certificate Includes:

The building, plant or equipment that is to be isolated from the electrical supply

Details of the isolation (e.g. fuses removed, locked off, etc.)

Date and time of isolation

Signature by a qualified electrician or an EAP

Acceptance by a Competent Person carrying out the work required (signed and dated)

Re-energise and hand over details


Intelligent Electrical Certificate


Our Electrical Isolation Certificate incorporates a dynamic colour change section that changes depending on if the circuit is energised, or safe to work on.   This has the advantage of giving a visual indicator to the recipient of the status of the electrical circuit.  When the certificate status is “Handover For Service”, and safe to work on,  the relevant section turns green.  Once the Electrician or *EAP (Electrically Authorised Person) states the circuit or building has been cleared for service again the section will once again return to a grey colour.


*The Electrically Authorised Person (EAP) is responsible for the provision of safe working practices on low voltage systems within a company or organisation. This role can be fulfilled by a person with or without an electrical background, who has been trained to perform electrical isolations and meet the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations

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