iCertifi True Offline working

iCertifi True Offline working



What True Offline Working With iCertifi Means for Your Electrical Contracting Business



With data breaches, data loss and privacy scandals, many Electrical contractors are becoming more concerned about the security of their information. As a result, there is a growing trend towards businesses that do not store user data or rely on a constant data connection.


There are many benefits to how we make iCertifi truly offline. Firstly, it can help to protect user privacy. As we do not store user data, it cannot be hacked, sold to third parties or subject to malware.


We do not employ risky techniques of “saving data and then uploading when you have a data connection”  to make the claim offline working.  This simply delays the data transmission and risks the data being corrupted or not getting there at all meaning going back to redo the electrical certificate.


We are not reliant on data a centre that holds your data.  This gives our users peace of mind knowing that their’s and their customer’s information is safe. They are also a major target for cyberattacks. Some of the risks associated with storing data in data centres:

  • Physical security risks: Data centers are often located in remote areas, making them difficult to protect from physical threats such as theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

  • Cybersecurity risks: Data centers are constantly under attack from hackers who attempt to steal data or disrupt operations. These attacks can be very sophisticated and difficult to defend against.

  • Data breaches: Even if a data center is well-protected, there is always the risk of a data breach. This is when sensitive data is stolen from the data center. Data breaches can have a devastating impact on businesses and individuals.

  • Compliance risks: Data centers must comply with a variety of regulations, such as those related to privacy and data protection. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines and other penalties.


With iCertifi being truly a native electrical app, privacy and data security s built in from the beginning, from the moment you open your device to every time you use iCertifi. iCertifi processes data securely on your device leveraging Apple’s security protocols.  We don’t send your electrical certificates to a server or anywhere that isn’t on your device.  This means your electrical certificates are safe and secure from third parties and won’t suddenly vanish.  If you change or lose your device your data is stored on iCloud and will automatically be there on setting up a new device