Electrical certificates on iMac iPad iPhone and Apple watch

BS 7671 Electrical Certificates

on iPhone, iPad, Macs with Apple silicone & Apple Watch 


Only possible before on expensive desktop software. BS 7671 Electrical Inspection, Testing & Certification is now in the palm of your hand on your iPhone, IPad and Macs with Apple silicone.  

iCertifi Electrical Certificates is an Apple native app/software application designed specifically for Electricians and Electrical Contractors. It enables users to create and manage electrical certificates, such as Electrical Installation Certificates (EICs) and Electrical Condition Reports (EICRs), quickly and easily


No more bland programs with complicated user interfaces. 

iCertifi is simple, intuitive, fast and productive.  Easily create professional BS 7671 Electrical Certificates from your iOS device


More than just filling in boxes

iCertifi’s intelligent Inspection testing checks your results against BS 7671 and can pre-fill common data. Once subscribed you are free to send an unlimited of amount electrical certificates while working totally offline. 

iCertifi provides users with a range of features, including pre-populated certificate templates, a user-friendly interface, and cloud-based storage, allowing them to access their certificates from any device with an internet connection. The software is updated regularly, ensuring that it remains up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards.  Users can create new certificates in minutes, with iCertifi guiding them through the process step-by-step, reducing the risk of errors and omissions. The software automatically checks for compliance with the latest wiring regulations and standards, ensuring that certificates are accurate and comprehensive.  iCertifi also provides users with tools to manage their certificates efficiently, including a searchable database, archiving functionality, and automated reminders for upcoming inspections. Additionally, iCertifi offers integration with other software applications and services, making it easy to share data and collaborate with colleagues and clients. Overall, iCertifi electrical certificates is an essential tool for electricians and electrical contractors, enabling them to create and manage high-quality electrical certificates efficiently and accurately, reducing administrative burden and improving compliance with regulations and standards

electrical circuit iPad

Fully Compliant With

BS7671:2018 (Amendment 2 2022) 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations

BS 7671:2018 published in July 2018 and came into effect in January 2019. From then, all new and amended electrical installations are to conform to the requirements of BS 7671:2018 as amended. 

No Pay & Go!

No Pay Per Cert!

Send Unlimited Certificates!

Once subscribed there are no other costs, send 1 or 100000 certificates, it’s up to you

Electrical certificates stack

Fully Customisable

Electrical Certificate Colour Schemes

With iCertifi it’s easy to customise your electrical certificates.

Choose from standard colours or create your own to match your business. 

Unique To iCertifi

EICR Smart Covers


EICR reports can be long and complex for anyone other than Electrical Engineers to interpret. Electrical Contractors can give customers an easy to understand certificate with a printable EICR presentation certificate

Learn More > 

EICR Framed electrical certificate on iPad

iCertifi Works Totally Offline

So You Do Not Need An Internet Connection To Use It

(Even if aliens have kidnapped your internet)

Electrical Inspection Testing and Certification App

Electrical Certificates

Included with iCertifi

electrical certificates


Electrical Installation Certificate

Installation of a new circuit, low voltage (typically 230 V) or extra-low voltage.  Replacement of a consumer unit (fusebox) or any alteration/addition to an existing circuit in a special location


Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate

Installation of a new circuit, low voltage (typically 230 V) or extra-low voltage.  Replacement of a consumer unit (fusebox) or any alteration/addition to an existing circuit in a special location in a domestic installation 

Minor Works

Minor Works Electrical Installation Certificate

Additions and alterations to an installation that do not extend to the provision of a new circuit.  Examples include the addition of socket-outlets or lighting points to an existing circuit, the relocation of a light switch etc

3 Circuit Minor Works

3 Circuit Minor Works Electrical Installation Certificate

Additions & alterations to an installation that do not extend to the provision of a new circuit.  Examples include the addition of socket-outlets or lighting points to an existing circuit, relocation of a light switch etc for up to 3 circuits.  Learn More >


Electrical Installation Condition Report

To confirm, so far as reasonably practicable, whether or not the electrical installation is in a satisfactory condition for continued service. The EICR  report identifies any damage, deterioration, defects and/or conditions which may give rise to danger

Electrical Danger Notice

Electrical Danger Notification Certificate

For reporting a dangerous condition in an existing fixed electrical installation

Visual Inspection Report

Visual Inspection Certificate

For reporting on the condition of an existing electrical installation. To report and identify so far as is reasonably practical, any damage deterioration or defects which may give rise to danger

Earthing And Bonding 

Electrical Earthing And Bonding Certificate

For the installation, upgrade or repair of main and supplementary earth bonding for an electrical installation.  Learn More > 

Isolation Certificate 

Electrical Isolation Certificate

For use after part, or all of an electrical installation has been safely isolated by means of a Safe Isolation Procedure  Learn More > 

EV Risk Assessment Certificate

Risk Assessment Form B1 IET Standards 

Checklist and risk assessment for the installation of electrical vehicle charging equipment 

Landlords Interim Safety Checklist

Electrical checklist between EICR 

Landlords are legally obliged to maintain rental properties in a safe condition. The interim electrical inspection should be carried out at least every 12 months or at a change of tenant, whichever comes first.  Learn More >

Electrical Installation Remedial Report

Create from EICR on completion of remedial works

Record of remedial work completed for observations noted on an EICR. Requirements for Electrical Installations – BS 7671 IET Wiring Regulations)

Electrical Risk Assessment Certificate

Risk Assessment For Electrical Contractors

An important step in protecting yourself, your business and others, as well as complying with the law.

Ventilation Certificate

In accordance with Regulation 4 2 of the Building Regulations 2010

A stand alone Ventilation Test Certificate for ventilation equipment.  Also included In Domestic EIC

Solar PV Array Test Report

Solar PV Test Report that verifies the performance of a solar PV system

Solar PV Test Report used to: Verify performance of your system.  Comply with safety regulations. Learn More >

iCertifi is compatible with the following devices.

Emergency lighting certificate on iPhone

*Requires Apple silicon M1 chip Mac computers

SparkAI Logo

iCertifi Is The Only Electrical App or Software With Built In Machine Learning Human Like Electrical Assistant

Trained In All Aspects Of The Electrical Regulations, Contracting, Certification, Inspection & Testing. SparkAI offers expert advice on BS7671, EICR codes, electrical testing procedures and practices and more. SparkAI is a comprehensive resource, combining all your manuals, textbooks, and technical helpline into one accessible platform.  Spark AI does NOT rely on predefined answers, It provides instant, human-like interactions that deliver the information you need right when you need it.

Suitable For All Scheme Providers


iCertifi does not tie you to any single scheme provider or registration scheme.  iCertifi allows Electrical Contractors to adjust certificate colours, add and replace company and scheme logos and change enrolment numbers instantly.  Take your electrical certificates with you if you change your scheme provider.   Your BS7671 electrical certificates and data remain yours

Notifying Electrical Work

As iCertifi is not tied to any scheme so it doesn’t matter what scheme provider you use, or if you’re not a member of a scheme, you can use iCertifi Electrical Certificates if you are competent to issue them.  

Learn About Notifying Through Your Scheme Provider When Using iCertifi >

Secure Electrical Certificates


iCertifi processes data locally and securely on your device.  We don’t send your electrical certificates to a server as everything works offline.  This means your electrical certificates are safe and secure from third parties and won’t suddenly vanish.  If you change or lose your device your data is stored on iCloud and will automatically be there on setting up a new device

 Cut The Cord! No Need to Sync Back At The Office With Desktop Software


iCertifi is unique as it does not need to sync with a computer or need a data connection to work.  Carry 1000s of BS 7671 electrical certificates in your pocket.  Inspect, test and certify electrical installations on the go!  iCertifi generates & sends electrical certificates as a secure PDF format by email, Air Print or can be uploaded to your prefered cloud storage provider like Dropbox, or Google Drive


What do the Electrical Certificates look like when sent


Exactly what you see on screen! Electrical certificates can be previewed on your iPhone and iPad and that’s precisely what your customers will receive. Professional BS 7671 electrical certificates based on model IET forms with your company name, logo and scheme logo. Certificates are sent as a secure PDF

Pre Filled Data

Breeze through electrical certification with pre filled data.

Use standard values, or create your own in Settings

Live Collaborative Circuit Testing


Remotely work on *same circuit test results sync and updates them in real time. Whether in the same room or miles away, remote sync keeps your circuit testing in sync.  Easily collaborate with others on a circuit 

Learn More >

*Requires devices to be on same iTunes and iCloud Apple ID account

Automatic Zs Calculations

Speed up electrical testing, iCertifi automatically inserts Zs values for MCB’S, RCCBO’s. 

Choose from 100% or 80% values in Settings

Fuse Calculator

For fuses we have you covered too with our optional inbuilt fuse Zs calculator. 

0.4 & 5s options 

Custom Logo’s

With iCertifi electrical engineers can easily add both Company and Scheme provider logo’s

Template DB Boards

Prefill details of board characteristics and overcurrent devices. With most of the information already filled productivity for electrical contractors is increased

Saved Certficate Data

Export data about your saved electrical certificates with just a tap. Includes certificate type and number of certificates saved. Useful for Yearly assements

Copy & Paste Distribution Boards

Copy and paste whole distribution boards in seconds.  Even paste between Certificate types.  Useful when completing electrical installation certificates after an EICR.  Option to copy whole DB or to exclude test results.  Continuation sheets are handled seamlessly

Built In BS 7671 Regulations

Work smarter with iCertifi.  Electrical regulations are built in checking your results against BS 7671 as you go

BS7671 Regulation Check

Advanced Electrical Testing



Certificate High intelligence Protocol) learns how your work and what sort of installation you test.  Frequently used BS 7671 selections from pickers appear at the top for fast selection and boosting productivity


Smart Fill

Prefill data saving hours on filling out BS 7671 electrical certificates.  Common assumptions are made based on the type of electrical certificate you are using.  (These can be easily changed if the prefilled value does not apply)

Learn More About Smart Fill >

BS 7671 Electrical Certificates


Share  ✔

Print  ✔

Email  ✔

Upload  ✔


iCertifi allows you to email, print, or uploading to your favourite app or cloud drive.  Final electrical certificates are produced as a secure PDF and can be sent straight from your iOS device as soon as they are complete. 

You do not need to sync or transfer data to a PC

Game Changing,  AI Speech To Text Feature


Ai speech allows users to dictate their electrical certificate data instead of typing them out, making the app more accessible and convenient for users who can simply speak test results while for instance reading directly off the test meter.  This means your hands can be on the probes of your meter and simply say the results.  This also has the benefit of working with ANY test meter, not tied to a manufacturer.  Learn more

It’s incredibly easy to use, and you’ll be amazed at how accurate it is!


Add Notes to BS 7671 Electrical Certificates 


Sometimes you need to add some more information to an electrical certificate.  Add context or highlight something, add clarity on something for example about the main bonding,  or maybe there simply is not enough room for your comments on the chosen cert.  Notes are automatically attached to your electrical certificate with your certificate serial number or reference already added without you having to do a thing. With a built-in history tape, you can even reuse previous notes on other electrical certificates.  

electrical certificate notes

© Quick Fill

 Save time by prefilling *data for common electrical circuits with just a tap. Use the Prev button to import the previous circuit data into a new circuit,  ideal when testing similar circuits

*Circuit designation, conductors csa, cpc, overcurrent device rating, short circuit capacity, disconnection time and max Zs based on BS 60898 type B MCB

Electrical Circuit Management Add 1 or 100 Electrical Circuits Instantly

With iCertifi’s intuitive interface it’s easy to add 1 or 1000 electrical circuits, and it’s a simple as tapping a screen.  Either a single circuit or enter the total amount of circuits for the distribution board all in one go.  iCertifi adds them all to your electrical certificate instantly,  both single and 3 phase electrical circuits

BS7671 Electrical Certificates Distribution Boards

A Picture Tells A 1000 Words

iCertifi allows electrical contractors to add images to EICR C1 and C2 observations to evidence electrical dangers and non compliances. 

Use your devices’ camera or choose from saved photos

Searchable EICR Observations

Preloaded searchable common EICR non-compliances (with BS 7671 regulatory reference) numbers for fast accurate inspections and reports. 

Option to create a custom list of non-compliances

Backup & Restore      

Your electrical certificates are valuable.  Keep regular backups of your electrical certificate data, restore instantly and even share to other devices on your iTunes account 

Learn More >

Split Load RCD Testing 

iCertifi’s intelligent testing allows Electrical Engineers to save different RCD times for split load distribution boards. 

Save time on continually filling in RCD trip times and increase productivity   

Digital *Circuit Schedule

iCertifi can create a digital circuit schedule encoded in a QR code. Try it for yourself by scanning the QR code.

*(up to 8 circuits due to data limits with QR codes)


The Vault

The EICR assistant. Nearly 500 hundred scenarios and pre-defined observations that include reference and a suggested EICR code. THE VAULT Is designed to assist and to be a reference tool for Electrical Inspectors undertaking Electrical Installation Condition Reports with iCertifi


Learn More


Template Distribution Boards

Create a pre-filled reusable Distribution board to speed up workflow and save hours of BS 7671 electrical form filling. 

Testing similar installations is a breeze with most of the information already filled in for the electrical engineer.  Increased productivity for electrical contractors. 

Learn more > 

Electrical Test Instrument Calibration Certificate

iCertifi is the only electrical certification software that allows you to add your test instrument calibration certificate to BS 7671 electrical certificates.  Go to Settings to upload your calibration certificate. iCertifi will crop it and add it to your electrical certificates.  This can be turned on or off at any time

Documented ongoing accuracy records are important for electrical test instruments.  Our test instrument log book app Verify can assist electrical contractors in confirming test instrument accuracy

Fire Detection And Extraction Certification

Our Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate has fire detection and ventilation included that can be turned on and off in Settings

Control iCertifi With Siri And Shortcuts Integration

Create shortcuts to your most frequently used electrical certificates

Pin shortcuts to your home screen to start a new electrical certificate with a single tap

Ask Siri to start a new certificate for you

Go to saved certificates simply by saying “Hey Siri saved certs

Learn more >

Siri iCertifi

Electricians Toolbox

iCertifi not only produces high quality BS 7671 electrical certificates.  It has a lighting calculator, thermal imaging, fuse kA values, a facility to inform your customers when you are going arrive and option to take payments with PayPal.  Its like 6 electrical apps in one

electrical tool box
electrical lighting calculator
Thermal imaging
On my way

CCTV@3xBS7671 Monitoring

Checks test results against BS7671 alerting engineers against results that don’t comply with IET wiring regulations

WIFIOff@3xNo connection, no problem

iCertifi works totally offline, no need for a data or wi-fi connection

Tools@3xElectricians Toolbox

Lighting calculator, fuse kA calculator, on my way feature & thermal imaging included

Cash Register@3xNo Pay & Go

Once subscribed send unlimited BS 7671 electrical certificates.  No pay per cert

PDF@3xSend As PDF

Send electrical certificates a PDF as soon as your finished.  No need to sync at the office

Camera@3xEICR Images

iCertifi allows electrical engineers to attach images directly to your EICR from your iPhone or iPad camera within the app

iCertifi Apple Watch App

iCertifi App Watch App logo

Industry leading electrical calculations can be performed directly on your wrist

pfc Calculator Current.  Carrying capacity of meter tails.  Bathroom zone reference tool.  Cleat sizing tool.  Send test results to iPhone or iPad and more!

Learn More >

Apple watch users can take advantage of the only Apple Watch app for electrical contractors

iCertifi on Apple Watch
iCertifi on Apple Watch

 Thermal Imaging

With Flir One



In another first, iCertifi offers thermal imaging by attaching a FLIRONE to the lightning port of your iPhone or IPad.  Thermal imaging can detect potential problems within the electrical distribution systems without the need to isolate circuits in a non invasive process

Images are saved directly to your iOS device and can be added to EICR electrical reports instantly or Electrical Danger Notices.  No need for SD cards or transferring data back at the office



Compatibility: iPhone5, iPhone5S 6/6s 6+, iPad running iOS 7 or above


Download & Try iCertifi For Free On The iTunes Appstore

*Voted #1 Electrical App By Electricians

iCertifi is THE most advanced and user friendly electrical  inspection & testing solution.  Don’t just take our word for it, *a survey conducted by TradeSkills4U in Professional Electrician & Installer voted iCertifi #1 electrical app. Download and try it for yourself from the iTunes Appstore.  Subscription required to send BS7671 electrical certificates