Using Live Circuit Data Sync

iCertifi V9 or above brings remote working on electrical circuits

live data

Live Circuit Data Sync

Remote Working


Remote working remotely syncs a circuit test results and updates them in real time. Work remotely or collaborate with others on a circuit. It works as a remote testing device acting as an extension to your device


1. Open or start a circuit, press Live Data Sync at top of circuit. The Live Data Sync logo will begin to flash. You can now receive circuit data from another device. That device does not have to be in rang.  Managers or QS can view results of a circuit testing live at the office


2. On another device on your account open a new circuit or existing one. Any data or changes made will magically appear and update on your first device.  Do not tap the Live Sync on the device sending data.  Start another circuit and repeat

Live Circuit Sync Screen iphone

Remote Working on Electrical Circuits, Collaborate On Electrical Testing