iCertifi Signatures

How to create and use saved and manual signature options

iCertifi Signature


iCertifi allows options for both signing each electrical certificate directly on the device, or creating a saved signature in Settings using real ink effect and choice of ink colour

Select Saved Signature to add your Saved Signature from  settings, or tap Manual Signature to sign directly on the device.  Electrical contractors can also save a QS signature

Create A Saved Signature 



From the iCertifi home screen tap >Settings, scroll down the settings page tap > Create a Signature


Use the signature panel to add your signature.  The real ink effect will create a realistic signature with your finger or stylus.  When you are happy with your signature tap >Save Signature. This will save your signature to your photos on your device.  Tap Settings in the top left corner


Tap the Upload Engineers Signature button and select your signature from photos


For Qualified Supervisors signature tap Qualified Supervisor’s Signature and repeat steps 1 -3

iCertifi Signature Settings

Using Saved Signature


Tap the Saved Signature button to insert engineers or QS Signature to your electrical certificate

iCertifi Signature

Manual Signature


Tap the Manual Signature button.  Sign directly on the device with your finger or stylus.  Tap >Done to add signature to certificate.


iCertifi Signature options