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Electrical Calculators Included


 Cable Calculator*

 Solar Energy Output 

 Lux Level 

 kW to Amps 

3 phase voltdrop 


BTU to Watts 

Resistance  Ω

Amps to VA 

kW to kVA 

* Calculates voltage drop, percent drop, load and suggests a minimum cable size. Cables include,
Twin and earth

FP cable
Up to 400m SWA 2/4/&4 core PVC
Up to 400m SWA 2/4/&4 core XPLE
Tri Rated (H05/7/V2-K)

Electricians calculators on iPhone

Electrical Calculations on iPhone

Instant electrical calculations

Electrical calculations, copy results, history tape

Electricians calculator on Apple Watch

Apple Watch App

Perform fast electrical calculations on your Apple Watch

Fast Calc is also available on Apple Watch.  Electrical engineers can perform electrical calculations on Apple Watch

Fast Calc Features

Electrical Calculators Included

  • PFC Calculator
  • kW to Amps
  • Solar Energy Output Calculator
  • Resistance Ω
  • Lux level Calculator
  • BTU to Watts
  • 3 Phase Volt Drop
  • Cable Selection Calculator
  • kW to kVA
  • Amps to VA

Fast Calc saves your electrical calculations to a history tape that can be used to copy previous results



Convenient copy function copies results to your iPhones clipboard to paste into emails, messages and more



Calculates  minimum cable size required, volt drop, percentage drop and load.  Suitable for up to 400mm SWA

Cables include:

  • Twin and earth
  • SWA 2,3 and 4 core PVC and XPLE
  • Fire Proof
  • Tri Rated
  • MIC light and heavy duty

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is also available on Mac