Moving & Reordering Electrical Circuits With iCertifi Electrical Certificates

When completing electrical installation certificates or electrical installation condition reports you may need at times to move or recorder your electrical circuits.  This could be because of a simple error or on returning to inspect an electrical installation or circuits have been added/moved.



iCertifi provides an intuitive interface to allow a quick and easy to use way of moving electrical circuits

Moving Electrical Circuits



Tap the edit button to put circuits into edit mode



Press and hold the three grey bars that appear in the right of the row



You can now move the circuit up or down and place it where you want


Move Electrical Circuit

Reorder Numerically



After moving your circuits you will probably want to reorder the circuits numbers numerically. Simply tap the rows at the 3 grey bars and the  circuit will update instantly




Tap to reorder circuit number

Check out the video demonstration