iCertifi Has A Powerful Save And Search Facility For Your Saved Electrical Certificates

With iCertifi, you can save and name your electrical certificate at any time.  If you forget or generate before saving the certificate, iCertifi will automatically save your work to stop you losing any data. In this case, your file name in your saved certificates (Filing Cabinet) will simply be shown as ((null))



1.  While in a certificate, tap the cog at the bottom of the screen.  This will bring up the in certificate menu


2. Tap Save Certificate Progress at the top of the menu


iCertifi Menu


1.  Type a name for your saved certificate.

2.  Tap Save


This name will be searchable in your Filing Cabinet so be sure to pick something that will be easy to find later on.  Anytime you want to save your cert again the name will be prefilled for you, simply tap save again.  iCertifi can autosave in the background every few minutes.  iCertifi Settings > AutoSave



The saved certificates can be easily searched for in your Filing Cabinet

Simply type the saved certificate name in the search bar and it will be shown instantly