Testing Similar Electrical Installations

With iCertifi


There are times as an electrical contractor you may be certifying very similar electrical installations, a block of flats or a row of houses for instance. In these scenarios, most of the electrical certificate data will be almost identical, save for the address number and test results.

How iCertifi Saves Your Electrical certificates


It’s helpful to understand how iCertifi saves certificates to your device as opposed to sending them.  Once you send an electrical certificate to your client, the PDF is generated and is locked and secure. We suggest you keep a copy of all these for your own reference. You can copy yourself in automatically by adding your email address in iCertifi Settings, or by uploading them to your prefered cloud storage provider.

Secure Electrical Certifcate

iCertifi electrical certificates once sent sent are locked as a secure PDF

Electrical certificates Saved On Your Device


When you save an electrical cert to your iPhone or iPad in your filing cabinet the certificate is fully editable and uses very little space on your device storage memory. This is not really meant to be a permanent storage solution, more a work in progress folder. 

Saved BS7671 Electrical Certificates

Electrical certificates saved to your device remain editable

What has this got to do with testing similar electrical installations we hear you ask?   Ok,  here it is.  

Option 1


Take an example where an electrical contractor is certifying 40 new build flats.  These electrical installations are going to be almost identical except test results and address. Rather than filling out each certificate individually, let’s just use the first certificate as a template for the rest.


1.  The Electrical Contractor completes an EIC with iCertifi for Flat number 1


2.  For Flat number 2, go to your Filing Cabinet (saved certificates within iCertifi)  and select Flat number 1 that you saved.  This certificate is fully editable as it’s saved on your device. Now simply change test results and flat number and send/upload or print –  you’re done!  Flat 2’s electrical installation certificate is complete. Send/upload or print Flat 2’s certificate. Repeat this process for the other 38 flats


It’s important to note this process will overwrite the previous flats certificate, however, you will already have a PDF “hard copy” if you sent, printed or uploaded Flat 1’s certificate.  The sent certificate won’t change.  

Option 2


iCertifi also has a template facility that will copy any existing certificates with the exception of the DB boards if you prefer.  This doesn’t simply copy everything, it leaves out all circuits and results and allows you to use existing data and create new DB arrangements and results.


This will automatically be offered as an option when selecting a new electrical certificate and iCertifi knows you already have a certificate of that type in your saved certificates (filing cabinet)

Saved domestic installation electrical certificates

We hope that gives you some information to assist you when testing similar electrical installations.  With 2 options you can choose which one is most appropriate for your installation.


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