Enterprise Allows UNLIMITED Users Of iCertifi On The Same iTunes Account 


Enterprise Subscription is our volume licencing package

What can I do on an Enterprise Package?


  • Allows business’ unlimited Electrical Engineers to use iCertifi.  All devices must be supplied by yourself, and on the same iTunes account.  It is recommended a separate iTunes account is used and not your personal one.


  • Change names in Contractor Details as required. 



*Engineer sends the certificate to QS at the office unsigned.  If QS is happy with the certificate, he allows remote QS signature from QS’s device.  The QS signature will appear on the engineers device



What cant I do on an Enterprise Package?


  • Enterprise does not allow you to view or alter other engineers certificates



How does this compare to a single-user subscription?


  • Limited to one Engineer

  • Name cannot be changed in Contractor Details

  • Name cant be changed on the electrical certificate for declarations etc.

  • No remote QS signature function

Which Subscription Should I Choose?

Enterprise Subscription

Suitable for business with over 5 Electrical engineers who supply devices to employees, and or business that require the ability to add a signature remotely without the need to be present.

Single User Licence

Suitable for business with under 5 electricians, sole traders etc. Electrical Contractors who don’t need remote signature function and use their own private devices and iTunes accounts

Can I upgrade from a single user licence to an Enterprise Package?


Yes, you will need to contact support to do this.