Circuit Assistant

From iCertifi

Circuit Assistant is a collection of useful shortcuts where you need them to make completing electrical circuits quicker and more efficient. 


First row:   Allows electricians to copy and paste circuits and can tun on live data sync


Second row:   Pre fills generalised data for circuit details.  Even *customise the “Spare” section for your own circuit


Third row:   Jumps to corresponding sections in the circuit.  In the case of polarity and AFDD results can be entered here without even needing to go that section on the electrical circuit page

*Customise Quick Fill Segment 


Common circuits can be pre-filled with tap giving huge time savings on certification.  “Spare” can be customised using your own circuit data.  Here’s how:


1.  From the iCertifi landing page, tap > Settings 


2. Scroll down and tap > Pre Filled Data 


3. In the Pre Filled Data page tap > Custom Quick Fill


4.  In the next page turn on the Custom switch.  This will allow you to enter your own custom data for a common pre filled circuit detail you use often.